Flying at the best of times can be a trying experience. Flying during a pandemic? Even worse. Flying during a pandemic with no booze?! Heaven forfend! 

But that’s exactly what is happening. Multiple airlines, both domestic and international, have put a moratorium on liquor service during flights. This is done in an effort to reduce person to person contact, lessen time customers spend with their mask down, and cut down visits to the loo. 

What’s frustrating is the inconsistencies. If this is meant as a health and safety, responsibility-conscious decision by the carriers, why are folks in first class allowed alcohol when coach isn’t? Or domestic passengers can’t imbibe but international can? Soft drink and hot beverage service are also still allowed, which sees face-masks down and increased trips to the bathroom…Don’t these all defeat the supposed intended purpose? 

I reached out to hear people respond on the matter. While a few raised the point of customer tempers already running high so maybe it’s a good idea to limit alcohol access to potentially curb confrontations, the majority are irritated and upset at the new policy and do not see the point of such fickle enforcement.

While this policy has been enacted because of Covid-19 and is said to be temporary, when such sweeping gestures are implemented (however poorly), it makes one wonder whether we’re seeing the end of enjoying a wee nip on a flight for good. A bleak future, indeed. Let us raise a mini and pray it ain’t so!


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