Introducing the DB5 1964

For those gearhead whisky lovers out there, start your engines for this racy offer! Bowmore and Aston Martin have come together for a unique collaboration. These iconic companies have crafted 25 specialty bottles of the exceptionally rare Bowmore Black 1964 and paired each bottle with a genuine Aston Martin DB5 piston, giving you the Black Bowmore DB5 1964. 

1964 was a historic year for each company. For Bowmore, this was the year their distillery joined with modern convenience, changing from coal to steam heat when they brought in a new boiler. The first distillation from this boiler would become the iconic Bowmore Black, a rich single malt admired for its sublime darkness. This latest release represents only the 6th bottling of this coveted single malt. 

The Aston Martin DB5 is widely regarded as “the most famous car in the world”. While created in 1963, it raced to international fame in 1964 with its connection to the world’s most celebrated secret agent. Famous Bond aside, The model itself boasts a bigger engine than its predecessor, making it an admired and desirable choice in the sporting world. 

The bottles were created by bespoke glass studio Glasstorm (each one taking up to a week to produce) and reflect the craft and attention to detail that infuses this world-class collaboration. The presentation box continues that theme, paying homage to Bowmore’s coastal home, with deep blues and embossed waves. The specialty calfskin and nickel-plated brass latch and hinges are a nod to the DB5. The bottles will be available late Autumn 2020 with an estimated retail price of £50,000 (about $65,500), but good luck trying to snag a bottle – they’ve all already been claimed!

*Even though this is a landmark collaboration between a powerhouse automobile company and an exemplary whisky producer, please don’t ever drink and drive.


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