Pip Goowin – CEO of Palliser Estate

Palliser Estate is one of my favorite wineries. It’s located in Martinborough, New Zealand, about 1.5hrs drive from Wellington. It’s a small estate focused on sustainability, hard work, and excellent wines, and it’s presided over by Pip Goodwin; a local herself, having grown up in the Wairarapa area. 

Having spent over ten years in the corporate world as an Accountant and Management Consultant, Goodwin’s first trip to Burgundy took her love of wine to a whole new level. It was there she decided to change career track and pursue wine fulltime. She did vintages in both hemispheres and completed formal winemaking training at Lincoln University in London. 

Goodwin joined Palliser in 2004 as part of the winemaking team and worked her way up the ranks, lending a hand in all aspects of the business; from winemaking and sustainability to finances, sales, and marketing. It was in 2015 that she took over from founder Richard Riddiford as CEO of Palliser. She’s proud to continue building upon Riddiford’s legacy, including converting their 7 vineyards to fully organic practices by 2025.


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