A History of Punch

One may think that cocktails are a modern invention. Indeed, the word “cock-tail” wasn’t used until around 1800, but people have been brewing, fermenting, distilling, and mixing drinks for centuries. Go back to the funeral of King Midas of Phrygia in 700 B.C. where guests were served a mixture of wine, mead, and barley beerContinue reading “A History of Punch”

The Proof is in the…Powder?

On any bottle of Whisk(e)y, you’ll see various pieces of information: the Name, Brand, Style, Size, sometimes a bit of history on the company or the way this particular drink was aged (finished in red wine barrels or a selective use of first fill American oak casks, for example), maybe a batch number or thatContinue reading “The Proof is in the…Powder?”