A New Wave of Whiskey

We’ve explored the terrain of pressure aging whiskey, so let’s take a dive into river aged whiskey. What does that even MEAN? Let me elucidate.

With a 150+ year family history linking wood and water, maybe building a floating rickhouse isn’t so out of the ordinary for Ingram Whiskey and Brown Water Spirits, LLC Proprietor, Hank Ingram. Their patent-pending aging barge (the first ever of its kind) is situated on the Mississippi River in Ballard Country, KY. 

While leaving aging product undisturbed except for the occasional check up is the norm in the rest of the spirits world, the whiskey at Brown Water Spirits is always at work as it moves to the rhythm of the river and is subjected to intense temperature variances. Because of the constant motion, the whiskey and wood interact more intensely together (as Jeff Hopmayer of The Brindiamo Group remarked, “they’ve hyper-charged the aging process”). This unique environment creates “an extraordinary spirit with a taste mature beyond its years.” 

This curious coupling of innovation and entrepreneurship has produced an intriguing new offering in the whiskey world. The tagline of the O.H. Ingram River Aged Straight Whiskey is ‘Mellowed on the Mississippi’, and while this is the first release for Brown Water Spirits, more will be added to the River Aged line; look for their River Aged Straight Rye next month.


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