Thar She Blows! A Whiskey Like No Other

Another fun whiskey coming out of Ireland, folks! Blacks Brewery & Distillery (Ireland’s first co-located brewery and distillery) has released an 18yr old single malt whiskey finished in Irish rum casks, supposedly the first of its kind. Yes, you read that right. Blacks is the first distillery to create a fully Irish crafted spiced rum, and they’ve used casks that once held their award winning spirit to finish the single malt. Coming from a desire to push boundaries and innovate the Irish whiskey scene, only 563 bottles of this unique whiskey were created. Coming in at 112 proof, each comes in a bespoke black treasure chest style box, and you’ll spend a bit of treasure to get one, too; a single bottle goes for €500 and they’re only available via the Blacks Distillery shop. And if you don’t want to kracken to this booty, never fear – they’re also including a 20ml sample of this liquid gold for you to enjoy. 

If you’re curious about what this pirate-esq drink would taste like without dropping some serious coin, take a look at the official tasting notes:

Aroma: Opens with confected aromas of vanilla maple syrup, sticky toffee pudding and candied fruit. Slight hints of coffee beans are set aside by the oak wood undertones before being reminded of banoffee pie and tropical desserts.

Palate: A velvet soft, toffee rich mouthfeel gives way to notes of caramel coated nuts and butter baked biscuits. Sweet malt and rum spices then demand your attention as exotic fruit notes push to the forefront of your palate.

Finish: An amazingly complex finish with lingering nutmeg spices and dried sultanas fading out before being left with the oak wood undertones that characterized this whiskey for the first 18 years of its life.


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