Samara Davis, Founder of Black Bourbon Society

Samara Davis is a pretty amazing woman on a mission. With a Master’s in Art Administration and a background in event planning, she discovered a love for whiskey in her 30s. While producing a bourbon event in San Francisco, she noticed the marketing and overall style of the event wasn’t inclusive or welcoming to People of Color. Research led her to dead ends in finding whiskey groups that were inclusive or particularly diverse, so, with her entrepreneurial spirit (and family history of being a business owner), she created Black Bourbon Society. Launched in 2016 with a Facebook group of less than 100 members, she focused on local, in-person whiskey events. It has since grown to over 17,000 members and boasts partnerships with such brands as Maker’s Mark, ABV Network, and they even have their own bourbon podcast. Events now take place across the country, both virtual and in-person. While one can join the Facebook group and access certain content for free, they also offer paid membership tiers. Some membership perks include discounted access to events, private barrel picks, members-only receptions and excusions, and special gifts. 

“Black Bourbon Society bridges the gap between the spirits industry and African American bourbon enthusiasts through our social media platforms, brand-partnered events and exclusive excursions. We challenge traditional direct consumer marketing standards by curating experiences that genuinely engage our unique demographic and advocate for diversity and inclusion…” BBS is “open to everyone who enjoys premium spirits and is interested in gaining a deeper appreciation for America’s Native Spirit.”


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