The Lowlands

The Lowlands of Scotland may not see the prestige and powerhouse appeal like regions such as Speyside and Islay, but it’s an area that produces some quality spirit. Simply outlined, the Lowlands encompass everything south of Edinburgh (although you can look at the map for a more accurate idea). The diving line was originally decided back in 1784, courtesy of the Wash Act, which taxed the Lowland distilleries based on the gallons in their wash, vs how the Highland distilleries were taxed, which was based on the size of their still. Outraged at this in-equality and therefore substantially higher taxes, the line was eventually re-designated (although it took until 2009 to do it!).

Often lighter in style, with lovely fruit and malt notes shining through (and sometimes triple distilled for a very approachable dram), this is a terrific area for those new to the Scotch realm who may be hesitant about joining our ranks. Typically unpeated, blends are more often seen than single malts, although the single malt offerings are growing – look to distilleries such as Auchentoshan, Daftmill, and Glenkinchie.


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