Jane Bowie – Maker’s Mark

Jane Bowie’s career in whiskey started with a cover letter explicitly stating “I don’t want this job, but…”. Having written to Maker’s Mark at her mother’s behest regarding a job opening for an Event Planner, she went on to detail the role she would love to have at the company – a position which involved a lot of international travel. Her letter caught the attention of Maker’s Mark owner Bill Samuels, Jr. and his son, Rob Samuels, and she was hired in the capacity of Global Brand Ambassador – the first international position at MM. Working her way quickly up the ladder, she is now the Master of Maturation and Director of Innovation for Maker’s Mark. She’s credited for the successful launch of the Private Select program as well as the latest Wood Finishing Series. It was her creativity, passion, and determined spirit that actually led to the creation of the Innovation department. While that initial tact that got her in the door might not be as effective today, she encourages women to vocalize what they want and how the industry is incredibly welcoming. She’s worked in the bourbon world for over 14 years and has no plans to stop anytime soon! A very inspiring person and journey, to be sure.


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